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Mold.Strand.Final.Strand blank.LF Electromagnet Stirrer(MEMS)

Mold electromagnetic stirrer (MEMS)  

General description:
According to the relative position's difference between mold
electromagnetic stirrer and mold, mold electromagnetic stirrer can be divided into outside mounted type and built-in type.

Strand electromagnetic stirrer (SEMS)

Electromagnetic stirrer mounted in the continuous caster's strand area.Square billet stand area electromagnetic stirrer generally adopts single-sided traveling wave magnetic field type, installed inside the casting blank, rotary magnetic field type is also adopted. Strand blank electromagnetic stirrer generally adopts double-sided traveling wave magnetic field type.

Final electromagnetic stirrer (FEMS)


Electromagnetic stirrer mounted outside the casting blank,powered by low frequency or operating frequency current to generate a rotary magnetic field which helps the molten steel inside the casting blank to rotate.

Compact magnetic induction intensity and long coil service life.


Strand blank electromagnetic stirrer

Blank continuous casting strand blank electromagnetic stirrer has three patterns as follows:

Roll back single sided traveling wave magnetic field type.

Roll traveling wave magnetic field type.

Split traveling wave magnetic field type. Inductor consists of iron core and coil Cover made by heat-resistance stainless steel

Internal pure water cooling coil


LF refining furnace electromagnetic stirring

Electromagnetic stirrer mounted at one side of refining furnace can refine heat-steel by electromagnetic stirring.


Electromagnetic stirrer of aluminium

The PaxarKuei can produce all kinds of electromagnetic stirrers for aluminium smelting?afurnaces.

The Electromagnetic Stirrer can make metal liquid moving by electromagnetism force. In the craft of smelting aluminum and aluminum and aluminum alloy, electromagnetically, reducing the temperature difference and evening the compositions.

The main type of the aluminum smelting?afurnace electromagnetic stirrer is: The stove with flat bottom, the circulating type outside the stove and hitting circulation pump of style of calligraphy in the stove and etc.

Data supplied to customers when ordering

The selection of electromagnetic stirrer depends on such items as follows: Continuous caster model

Continuous casting steel grade

Continuous casting blank section

Installation area

Built-in type should be provided mold water-cast dimension.

Outside mounted type should be provided mold dimension and current distance.

Water-case dimension

Copper pipe dimension and thickness.

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