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Distribution of power supply controling system.


The power supply, controlling system produced by our company is mainly used for electromagnetic stirrer's changeable frequency and voltage control.


Basic constitution :

  • Low frequency power supply controlling parts: absorbing electrical power from electricalpower net(50HZ)and outputting low frequency(2-20HZ)alternating power suitable for electromagnetic stirrer.
  • Remote controlling Parts: the main controlling room controls low frequency supply power's controlling parts'work, sets up work data and displays its work state.

Basic features:

  • Adopting large quantities of advanced reliable foreign apparatus or special changeable frequency machinery chip with good stability and reliability.
  • Convenient to use easy to operate.
  • Adopting alternating conversion main circuit loop, high power coefficient and small effect on electrical-net.
  • Good protection for short circuit and over current.
  • Electrical control itself emits small quantity of heat with high efficiency of changing into electrical power.
  • Convenient and simple maintenance
  • Long service life

Model Designation


Model Selection Attentions

  • The capacitor in the patterns is every low frequency supply power electrical control's output capacitor.
  • Remote control's establishment depends on users and has meter type and industrial controlling type.
  • Electricalcontrol is specially used for controlling electromagnetic stirrer.
  • Electricalcontrol has normal type and imported machinery chip type, the latter is noted.

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