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General Description of the Cable Reel.OF General Description of the Cable Reel

Move the electric appliances power supply to need( such as rise the heavy electromagnet, dynamoelectric flat panel car, each kind of derrick, liquid presses to grasp the etc.) for the sake of the orientation, my company in ushering in the technical foundation of forerunner of abroad, a tube of the design gave birth to elasticity type electric power electric cable, the elasticity type signal electric cable a tube, the dynamoelectric type electric cable electric cable a tube.It has the power supply simple, operation safety credibility, structure tightly packed, features beauty, the electric cable wears away little etc. characteristics.

The adoption a spring coil of a tube of the JT series elasticity type electric power electric cable for motive, revolve a tube to accept to turn on electricity the cable, the oneself does not consume the electric power, can accept to turn on electricity the cable automatically and vividly.Adopt to gather the slippery wreath- carbon of electricity to brush a structure to deliver the electric power at the same time, make power supply continuous and steady.Still establishing can turn over the organization, avoiding a tube turn over but breaking the spring coil.

A tube of the JT series signal electric cable useds for book's take and lets out the signal electric cable of deliver the weak telecommunication number.( if pull to press the signal electric cable of spread the feeling machine)When examination the equipments move a tube can follow to examine the equipments book to take or let out the electric cable vividly, can avoid the electric cable have no a heap of rule puts but takes place to pull and break, press to cut the power the cable phenomenon, examining the work with the assurance smoothly progress.It adopts to differ to move the wreath organization, carry out the electric cable to did not touch to order to deliver the signal.The tail a protection of a tube organization, the protection differs to move the wreath.

The electric cable a tube of dynamoelectric type useds for a power supply electric cable for taking the big specification, long pull, can do with move the electric appliances to accept to turn on electricity the cable synchronously.Can is divided into the dint electrical engineering dynamoelectric type and three dissimilitudeses to tread the dynamoelectric type of electrical engineering two kinds of.The control back track of a tube provides to connect to control back track for lord, with move the electric appliances to accept to turn on electricity the cable synchronously and automatically, and establish to regulate the device, useding for the adjustment electric cable tension, prolonging the service life of the electric cable.

Provide the situation of the spirit, liquid at the demand ambulation that have, the eligibility uses the air, the liquid a tube.The winding's tube is to make use of the advanced technique creation, establishing to revolve the device, operating the safe credibility.The structure form with hang the arm type is lord, drive the way to is divided into the varieties, such as the elasticity type and the electrical engineering type...etc..


Reel model designation

Guide for pattern selection

1. Varieties of cable reels and hose reels (transferring gas or liquid) are available designed and manufactured by PaxarKuei.

2.Cable reel driven by swirling spring is optional for the cables with less weight and short traveling distance. Cable reel driven by moment motor or three-phase asynchronous motor (hysteresis motor) is suitable for the cables with heavy weight and much longer traveling distance. According to the on-site conditions, the exogenetic force or weight-loaded driving can be used as driving power.

3. The winding length of the cable comes standard upon "L" in Installation Pattern Sketch. The available cable lengths are as follows: 1). L+3 loops in Pattern A; 2). L+h+3 loops in Pattern S; 3). L+H+h+3 loops in Pattern C & D;4). The cable length in Pattern Eand F can be determined upon the on-site conditions. Please note when ordering.

4.In pattern C, the cable reel is mounted on the ground. There is relative friction between the cables and the ground when the reel is winding or unwinding the cables. Thus, a rollaway nest should be mounted within the cable motion area to minimize wear-and -tear of the cables.

5.In pattern F, there generally comes standard of H=0.14L, h=0.5H. If H is less than 0.14L and h less than 0.5H, the values of H and h must be equipped with specified when ordering.

6. Cable reel will be equipped with specially designed roller brackets for the convenience of installation if provide with electric block to run on the single bridge crane.

7. Cable reel outlet directions are marked in the overall dimension drawing. Please note when ordering unless otherwise specified.

8.The cable weight (transferring tube ) is excluded from the column of "Mass" in overall dimension table.

9.If there sis no special specification, the moment motor powered and hysteresis motor powered cable reels are generally of overhanging type in the structure patterns.

10.The customer should provide the extra cables if the cable length exceeds 30 meters (including 30meters).

Installation pattern sketches
Pattern A-Vertical coiling
Pattern B-Vertical coiling through
radial reversing wheel
Pattern C-Horizontal coiling on the
ground (reel fixed)
Pattern D-Harizontal coiling coiling on the ground (coiler movable)
Pattern E-Horizontal overhanging coiling
PatterF-Overhanging coiling
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