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General description

Electromagnetic stirring happens under the action ofelectromagnetic force which helps to strengthen the convection movementof the molten steel in the liquid core of the casting blank,so that theflow motion,heat transferring and even alloy element distribution of themolten steel during its solidification will be improved.The latesttechnology of improving casting blank internal quality will play significantn role in upgrading steel material quality,realizing high speed continuous casting,enlarging continuous casting steel varieties and relaxing restrictions on continuous casting process conditions.

The continuous casting machine integrated electromagnetic stirring device designed and manufactured by PaxarKuei passed the international certification of ISO9001-2000 first in the domestic industry. We promise the operational effect,service life,energy consumption and other main technical data of electromagnetic stirrer provided by PaxarKuei(include repaired or modified product) should be the same level as that of the imported equipment.

The operation principle of electromagnetic stirrer( EMS ) is similar To that of asynchronous motor.The induction block equals to the stator and the casting bar equals to the rotor.The operating magnetic field excited by electromagnetic stirrer works on the molten steel inside the casting bar and induces to generate current inside,which interacts with the magnetic field excited by the electromagnet stirrer to generate electromagnetic force,thus motivates the movement of the molten steel.

Continuous casting electromagnetic stirring unit includes electromagnetic stirrer,chageable fregllency power,controlling equipment and water-coding handling system.
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