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Separator General description

Electromagnetic separator is an apparantus that produces huge magnetic field attraction against the magnetic particles.It is commonly linked up with band conveyer ,vibrating feeder and other transferring units to remove the magnetic tramp iron under weight of 0.1?a25kg from the mixed bulk materials. It provides reliable protection for finishing machine, crusher and conveyer belt.

Electromagnetic separator has a wide range of applications in metallurgical industry, mining industry, power industry, seaports, ceramic industry, glass-making industry,cement-making industry , construction material industry, chemical industry, food and forage industry and the industry of garbage disposal.

Electromagnetic separator made by PaxarKuei is designed and developed based on the advanced technology introduced abroad using computer optimization design, featuring large magnetic potential, farther permeability, strong magnetic force, low energy consumption, good environment suitability, safety and reliability. There are two kinds of separator of electromagnet and permanent magnet including all varieties of series and specifications due to the different field excitation modes and operation environments.

Main features of permanent magnetic separator

  • Permanet magnetic box instead of energizing coil to save power and energy.
  • Reasonable magnetic field contribution; farther permeability depth; invariable magnetic field ; low attenuation.
  • Easy to be installed and maintained without magnetic using commutation controlling units.
  • We shall design and manufacture the magnetic picking-up equipments according to the special requirements from the customers. Please consult us if there is any question or recommend.
Main features of electromagnetic separator
  • Rugged-all-welded construction can efficiently prevent the coil from erosion of moisture, dust and harmful gas. Good environment and climate suitability, safe and reliable in operation and convenient maintenance.
  • The magnetic circuit is designed in optimization with deeper permeability, and its geometrical figure in the space magnetic force compared with the other wares.
  • Field winding coil treated by vacuum desiccation and filled with special packing material to improve its mechanical and electrical performances and keep a long service life.
  • Easy to form a complete set with other equipments to meet the different requirements under all kinds of circumstances. The relevant commutating control equipments have complete functions available.
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